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How To Make Non-Toxic Face Paint This Halloween  

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Halloween just may be the only time of the year when adults can get away with dressing up, whether that means tapping into your inner-Marilyn Monroe or going full-on ghoul. While you may be able to get away with simply dipping into your daily makeup bag to pull off a … Read More

4 Foods That Promote A Healthy Scalp And Lustrous Hair

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The saying “you are what you eat” isn’t just a reflection of the number on the scale. It’s also an indicator of what your mane (among other things) looks like, too. Why? Hair and scalp issues are linked with either a deficiency or an excess of nutrients in your diet … Read More

Hair Loss 101: What To Do About Lackluster Tresses

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We hear a lot about male-pattern baldness, but hair loss is a women’s issue too. Sure, we may not talk about it openly, but lackluster tresses can have an effect on one’s self-esteem — especially when you see gobs of hair in your brush after just a few strokes. … Read More

How To Keep Your Nails Healthy All Year Long

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You can hide a bad hair day under a hat, but you can’t disguise unhealthy nails. From keyboard typing to weather conditions to what you eat, your nails are a reflection of your lifestyle. So how do you keep nails healthy? Here are the do’s and don’ts for keeping your … Read More

Hairstyles to Hide Subtle Imperfections

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Let’s get one thing straight: you’re beautiful, no matter what. Still, let’s be realistic, and acknowledge that we all have pet peeves about our looks. So, if masking what we think of as our “imperfections” makes you feel good in your skin, we say do it. Check out these stylist-recommended … Read More

Skin Fix Tips from Celebrity Makeup Artist Neil Scibelli

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Neil Scibelli is a New York-based makeup artist who has worked with Elle MacPherson, Molly Sims, Sofia Richie, and Michelle Williams. He is a guest contributor for, and serves as a beauty expert for InStyle, Byrdie, Women’s Health, Glamour, Health Magazine, Dr. Oz’s The Good Life, and Amazon’s Style Read More

Christie Brinkley on the Cover of Sports Illustrated Proves that Age is Just a Number!

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One day after the Super Bowl, Sports Illustrated kicked off news of an almost unprecedented nature.. a 63-year-old model would grace its cover! What?!

It’s true. 38 years after her first appearance on Sports Illustrated cover, Christie Brinkley returns to the front cover, alongside her two daughters, Alexa Ray Joel … Read More

Kick these 6 bad habits…

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Add this 1 good habit…Your skin will thank you!

You’re reading this blog, so I’m guessing you’ve read 100 more on how to get better skin. Right?   That great!  You’re searching for answers by researching expert opinions.  Trouble is, many “experts” have an agenda – that is to get … Read More

How to Achieve Perfect Nails

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Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have perfect nails, like you see in magazine ads? Long, smooth and perfectly polished. We all want that! But be careful… some commonly accepted nail care habits can actually end up damaging your nails. Let’s focus on how to keep nails both beautiful AND healthy.… Read More

Natural Skin Care

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Increasingly I am hearing patients ask about “natural skin care.” Not surprising since you see the word “natural” practically everywhere these days. But what does “natural” actually mean? Does it mean all of the ingredients are natural … or just the “active” ones? Does it mean made by a “natural … Read More