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5 Makeup Trends You Should Try This Spring

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Are you ready to experiment with the hottest spring makeup trends? This season we’re seeing everything from bold and dramatic, to light and ethereal, so there’s something for everyone depending on your comfort zone and style.

1. Rose-Gold Highlighter

No matter what type of skin tone you have, a rose-gold Read More

5 DIY Hair Treatments For A Head-Turning Mane

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Between coloring, tight ponytail holders, the sun, swimming (read: chlorine and salt water), and sweaty workout sessions, our hair certainly takes a beating. No matter the length, texture, or density, it’s important to give your tresses a little extra TLC beyond normal shampoo and conditioner sessions. But you don’t need … Read More

How To Refresh Your Skin Care Routine For Spring

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Warmer temps, greener grass, and popping buds are more than just the first signs of spring – they’re also a cue that you need to revamp your beauty routine. While there’s a lot of attention towards seasonal makeup and hair trends, skin care often gets pushed to the wayside. But … Read More

Hairstyles to Hide Subtle Imperfections

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Let’s get one thing straight: you’re beautiful, no matter what. Still, let’s be realistic, and acknowledge that we all have pet peeves about our looks. So, if masking what we think of as our “imperfections” makes you feel good in your skin, we say do it. Check out these stylist-recommended … Read More

Skin Fix Tips from Celebrity Makeup Artist Neil Scibelli

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Neil Scibelli is a New York-based makeup artist who has worked with Elle MacPherson, Molly Sims, Sofia Richie, and Michelle Williams. He is a guest contributor for, and serves as a beauty expert for InStyle, Byrdie, Women’s Health, Glamour, Health Magazine, Dr. Oz’s The Good Life, and Amazon’s Style Read More

8 Irish-Inspired Beauty Treatments In Honor Of St. Patrick’s Day

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While St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally celebrated with a parade and a pint or two, take some time over the weekend to restore yourself with an Irish-inspired beauty treatment. When everyone else is nursing a hangover, you’ll be turning heads due to your glowing complexion, supple skin, and lustrous locks.… Read More

Why Everyone Can Benefit From A Hydrating Mask

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You’ve probably heard that creamy masks are great for dry skin, while oily skin benefits from a mud or clay mask. But did you know that’s not always the case? Even skin with very active sebaceous (oil) glands, your skin can get dehydrated. This is no surprise, since your skin … Read More

Update Your Glow-Getter Routine!

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Replace your old teenage beauty solutions with adult ones that work!

Remember all those cringey “looks” you rocked as a teen? Thick white eyeliner. Brown lipstick. Glitter. Bright blue eyeshadow. And who can forget the thick layers orange blush? Uggggh!

Fortunately, trends change over time. And so do we! That’s … Read More

Spring Makeup Color Trends 2018

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Some colors look amazing on you, but weird and washed-out on someone else. And sometimes that bold smoky eye works wonders for your friend’s smoldering night look, while it makes you look like you have a black eye. Sure, most makeup artists will tell you to have fun with trends.  … Read More

Should You Add A Clay Mask To Your Beauty Routine?

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Clay-based masks have been used to treat a variety of skin issues for centuries, yet in modern day society, there’s a stigma that clay is only good for oily skin. The reality is, there are several varieties of clay. While they’re all excellent choices for detoxifying the skin, they each … Read More